3 Year Work Skills Programme



Learners will normally undertake a three year programme, depending on their level of need. It is anticipated that they will attend either two or three days a week during this period.  Typically a programme will look as follows:


Year 1:

Retail Skills covering:

Work Place Health and Safety

Monitoring and Maintaining Ease of Shopping in a Retail Sales Area  

Keeping  Stock at Required Levels in a Retail Environment

Keeping the Non-Food Retail Environment Clean and Tidy  

Moving Goods and Materials Manually in a Retail Environment            

Sorting donated goods for resale or recycling in a retail environment

Wrapping and Packing Goods for Customers in a Retail Environment



Year 2:

Customer Service Skills including:

Adapting your Behaviour to Give a Good Customer Service Impression  

Communicating Using Customer Service Language

Doing your Job in a Customer Friendly Way  

Maintaining a Positive and Customer Friendly Attitude    

Recognising and Dealing with Customer Queries, Requests and Problems

Taking Details of Customer Service Problems                                                                  



Year 3:

Employability Skills looking at:

Assessing Myself for a Job

Learning How to Manage Money                                                            

Planning for and Learning From a Job Interview                                                                                                    

Preparing for and Learning from a Work Placement

Presenting Personal Information to Employers                                                                                                                  

Understanding How to Complete a Job Search  




The programme will be flexible to meet the needs of individual students. If you would like to discuss this further please contact Alison or Liz by email fenner.frost@yahoo.co.uk or by phone on 075518431

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